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Injection cosmetology

Dermal Fillers


Facial balancing packages     $649 - $2349

Premium Lip Filler                      $450

Premium Thick Lip Filler           $649

Chin                                                  $649

Cheeks                                          $1099

Marionettes                               $1099


Package One        from  $725

2 areas of anti-wrinkle &  standard lip filler   

Package Two        from   $925

3 of anti-wrinkle &  standard lip filler                     

Package Three     from   $1,249

2 areas of anti-wrinkle &  cheek/marionette filler

Package Four       from  $1,479

3 of anti-wrinkle & cheek/marionette filler

Under NSW law, all S4 injectable treatments require a medication prescription prior to administration. The scripting process will take place during your appointment, and the prescription will be valid for 6 months.

Fee for Script: $20

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